Hello and Welcome to Jacinta.us, my cyberspace home filled with musical and metaphysical things.  It all began with a massive passion for singing and creating music.  My professional music career began as a keyboard playing backing vocalist in an all girl band called Maiden Voyage!  Songwriting came next along with many bands, many gigs, a handful of Billboard chart successes.  All the while, another voice within me was growing louder.  It was the part of my mind that still believed in magic.  It was time for my inner mystic to emerge.  Now as a metaphysical minister, yoga teacher, and energy healer, I mix magical music with divine service in support of the conscious awakening of humanity through live performance as musician, vocalist, vocal toning guide, and DJ.  
Peace, Love & Light,  Jacinta LoveFreq :)

SECRET 3.0 Release Date 11 August, 2017!


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