Mantra Meditation for the Solar Eclipse

Announcing our first vocal toning meditation at Bayou Bliss Yoga for 2017.
7:30 pm - 9 pm  Tuesday 21st February 2017

We are entering an auspicious time, just days away from the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Solar eclipses profoundly magnify the new moon energy for transforming our lives and initiating new beginnings. Our meditation will include specific mantras that will help us engage with this eclipse energy so that we can prepare ourselves to benefit positively when it occurs on Sunday, February 26th. 

At the end of each lunar cycle, several days before the new moon, nature turns the light down in the night sky prompting us to turn our attention inward to connect with our deeper spiritual selves. This phase was designed for soul searching, reflection, acceptance, healing, surrender and forgiveness. By releasing what we no longer need, we liberate ourselves from the past. We are unencumbered to create what we desire in the following lunar cycle commencing at new moon. 

Our meditation tomorrow night coincides with the onset of this deeply contemplative Balsamic phase. Our mantras will assist our practice in focusing our attention helping us disconnect from our thoughts. Their sacred syllables and words will bring peace and optimism having the power to interrupt any negative mental thoughts that have crystallized in our minds. Our minds quieten, and our hearts open to hear the whispers of our higher selves and the guidance we seek. Our intention for the new moon solar eclipse becomes clear! 

Make a little time to meditate with your new intention when the new moon solar eclipse arrives on Sunday. Ideally, place your new intention upon each recitation of a mantra, for it is said that mantras recited during this period are 1000 times as effective!!! 

This forthcoming new moon/solar eclipse takes place in the mystical, enchanting, spiritual sign of Pisces. Divine Intervention is available to us all particularly in the area of spiritual awakening. It has the potential to embellish our dreams, inspire and propel us forward towards our true destiny and with the power to energize our life path for at least the next six months! 

This is a potent time to be meditating, so let’s get going tomorrow night at 7:30 pm @ Bayou Bliss Yoga, 808 West Main St, Houston Texas.



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