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Mantra Meditation for the Leo New Moon!

On Tuesday evening, July 18, we will prepare for the Leo new moon with an empowering meditation using sound and voice!

The main mantra during our meditation is the Magnificent Mantra for Prosperity.   


     Har Har

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May's Manifesting Mantra Meditation

Announcing May's Manifesting Mantra Meditation that will bring your focus into closer alignment with the current spring season. May’s energy is earthy inviting us to tend the garden of our goals and desires.  
Following the Manifesting Guided Meditation, we shall…

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Are you ready to embrace Spring and all her vitality?

SPRING MANTRA MEDITATION - I AM I AM Guided Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls. 

March 21 2017 // 7:30pm // Bayou Bliss Yoga // 808 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006 
It’s empowering when we can create and regenerate along with the season of renewal, so let’s begin by greeting spring with the empowering I AM Mantra Meditation. 
Next Tuesday, the sun moves into the constellation of Aries, the sign associated with asserting one's self and birthing spring!   Aries encourages us to emerge from our winter repose, primed for renewal and bursting with confidence to blossom into our most authentic selves. This raw energy is characterized by the Aries mantra, I AM!   

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Mantra Meditation for the Solar Eclipse

Announcing our first vocal toning meditation at Bayou Bliss Yoga for 2017.
7:30 pm - 9 pm  Tuesday 21st February 2017

We are entering an auspicious time, just days away from the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Solar eclipses profoundly magnify the new moon energy for transforming our lives and initiating new beginnings. Our meditation will include specific mantras that will help us engage with this eclipse energy so that we can prepare ourselves to benefit positively when it occurs on Sunday, February 26th. 

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Vocal Toning Meditation - Tuning into the Summer Solstice!

An astrological, energetically powerful time has arrived! The Solstice, Full Moon and Grand Cross coincide beautifully with June’s Vocal Toning Meditation taking place Tuesday, June 21 @ 7:30pm CDT. This is an opportune time for reaffirming who we are, redefining our purpose in the short and long term, and re-establishing our beliefs based on our own inner wisdom. This Full Moon Grand Cross Solstice brings a potent energy we can tune into for amplifying our passions and releasing what has expired. Portals to fresh paths will appear if we take the time to tune into and feel into our hearts. It is an ideal time for a grand transition. 


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Vocal Toning the Perfect Fifth for restoring health, balance and tranquility.

Vocal Toning the Perfect Fifth takes place Tuesday May 17th, 2016 at Bayou Bliss Yoga, 7:30pm. 

Pioneers of the sound healing movement have reawakened the wisdom of ‘music intervals’ and their effect on the human body and consciousness.  Specific music intervals are beneficial for the mind, body, spirit and soul.  The perfect fifth is one such interval and is considered a sacred interval with it’s profound healing and relaxation benefits.  An interval is the relationship between two tones/vibrations.  In the case of the perfect fifth, the two tones vibrate at a rate of 2:3 with each other.  If you sing the Do Re Mi song, you will find this interval between the tones Do and So, Re and La, and Mi and Ti.  Another example can easily be found in the children’s rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The two distinct notes sounded when the first two words, Twinkle Twinkle are sung, are a perfect fifth apart.  Even without being musical, you might recognize that this interval is very popular in all styles of music whether the two notes are sung in a melody or played simultaneously. 

The perfect fifth interval prevails in sacred music and since it’s discovery by Pythagorus, it is recognized as the most harmonious interval found in the architecture of human, animal, plant and cosmic bodies. The ancients were mindful of this when designing sacred spaces too, and many feel their consciousness elevated when visiting ancient sacred sites that were designed to adhere to the proportions of the perfect fifth and intervals aligning with sacred geometry.  If this is of interest to you, you might enjoy learning about the Golden Ratio, Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence.  

Sacred Geometry Mixed Media Art By Maria Lankina

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Meditation for Peace on the Planet - Saturday May 14th, 2016

Consider this … 
Within the expanse of our unconscious minds, there is a dimension we all share.  This is where I share in your joy and pain, and you share in mine.  Although we might not be consciously aware of the pain that prevails in the hearts of many, it exists and affects us all. With this understanding, we need not be powerless bystanders amidst the devastating paradigms existing on our planet.  When we share an intention in meditation, it’s vibrant energy resonates for everyone, everywhere.  This empowers us to empower all of us.  Tomorrow we will share a beautiful meditation with the intention to resonate peace in the souls of mankind.   

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Finding Balance at the Equinox, Toning the Bija Mantras

We are approaching the equinox when planet Earth experiences equal day and night everywhere!  It occurs this weekend as the sun directly aligns with the Celestial equator. From this point of balance, spring begins in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere.  

The equinox is an ideal time to restore balance within ourselves and our lives and this is the focus of this months vocal toning meditation.

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