Finding Balance at the Equinox, Toning the Bija Mantras

We are approaching the equinox when planet Earth experiences equal day and night everywhere!  It occurs this weekend as the sun directly aligns with the Celestial equator. From this point of balance, spring begins in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere.  

The equinox is an ideal time to restore balance within ourselves and our lives and this is the focus of this months vocal toning meditation.

Chanting the Chakra Bija Mantras is a beautiful practice for resonating with this equinox energy, preparing ourselves for the new season alongside Mother Earth and all her animal and plant kingdoms.

So what are Chakra Bija Mantras?  They are chakra specific monosyllable sounds that when spoken aloud or in our mind create a specific vibration capable of restoring and balancing energy at each chakra.  The power isn’t in the syllable itself, but in the impact their vibrational pattern has, setting into motion a vibrational resonance that harmonizes and balances our mind, body and spirit.   Chakra Bija Mantras activate dormant energy and release energetic blockages allowing us to further awaken and align with our true nature.   

Join us for an uplifting equinox preparation chanting the Chakra Bija Mantras, restoring balance and harmony individually and collectively.   

In Houston, Texas
7:30pm, Tuesday March 15, 2016  Bayou Bliss Yoga, Houston TX   808 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006

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