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Jacinta is an award winning international songwriter, musician and vocalist, born in Oregon and raised in Sydney, Australia. 
With five Billboard Hot Club hits and international chart success, Jacinta is the recipient of six internationally renown songwriting awards.  Many of her self penned songs have found their way into film, TV, computer games, stage shows and the hearts of her growing fan base.    

Performing live throughout the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, Jacinta's career has provided her the opportunity to work with internationally respected artists including Tony Bennett, Cake, Leo Sayer, David Gates (Bread), Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band) and Robbie Williams.  

Impacted by the harmonic convergence of 2012, Jacinta is a supporter of the conscious awakening of humanity through live performance, as musician and vocalist, meditation guide and as DJ LoveFreq.  She is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, assisting those awakening in the Age of Aquarius, an ordained minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry and a Reiki Master.  She offers sound and energy healing and Frequencies of Peace and Love to the world.  

She is currently creating new material infused with Divine sound currents and on her Masters Degree through the University of Metaphysics, Sedona.

Full Biography

Jacinta is an award winning international songwriter, musician and vocalist from Australia.  To date she has five impressive Billboard Hot Club Play hits, global chart successes, songwriting awards and many self penned songs that have found their way into film, TV, computer games and the hearts of an ever growing fan base.   

From an early age, Jacinta was musical and a believer in magical things.  Singing was her favorite past time and she attended piano lessons from age 4.  At that same age, her philosophical curiosity kicked in with the age old question.  Why am I here?  Far off in the future, she’d finally figure it out.

Led by her healing nature, Jacinta studied anatomy, physiology and psychology at the University of Queensland. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree with the realization that continuing with a conventional study path wouldn’t answer her questions or deliver her to a healing career that would resonate with her.   Music would be the medicine, for now …

Melodic musical influences including Abba, Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Roxy Music piqued her ears, as did a myriad of exotic middle eastern and asian flavored soundscapes, emotive vocals, sacred chants and mantras.  80’s British synth pop like Thompson Twins inspired her to play, arrange and self produce and purchasing her first synth was a life changing day.   A week later Jacinta was invited to audition for her first band becoming the 5th member of an all girl group, Maiden Voyage and acquiring the nickname JAC.  Maiden Voyage hit the road and the rock and roll apprenticeship began including Jacinta's initiation into electronic music production, songwriting, singing and delivering it live.  

Jacinta played many roles in many bands, played many thousands of gigs, big and small and like a nomad, toured constantly throughout Australia, SE Asia and India!   Being a synth player, the natural progression introduced Jacinta to sequencers, samplers, and hard disc recording. In time, she became musically and technically self sufficient and played out as a soloist, billed as the One Woman Sensory Sensation.  With a myriad of musical tech toys, guitar, sax, candles, incense and pretty light shows, she encouraged her audiences to join her on many a splendid cathartic musical journey, romancing life’s joy and woes, night after night after night.   

Producing the songs she wrote, became the foundation of her indy label Chunky Music.  Releasing Dedicated To A Stranger ep (1995),  Sandalwood - Under The Influence ep (1997) and Fly remixes (1999), bought her to the attention of Shock Music.  She accepted their offer to write for the Australian/Canadian children's television show The Saddle Club. This project spawned many Saddle Club favorites including the single Wonderland, which went to #7 on the Australasian Top 20 Chart September 8th, 2003 (ARIA Charts). “”Wonderland" spent 11 weeks on the AIR Independent Charts, peaking at #2, October 13th, 2003.

By this time, Jacinta was residing in Austin Texas.  She had arrived in SXSW one year earlier as it promised to be a great place to begin a Stateside music adventure.  A three week Austin sojourn became a nine year music residence in the world’s live music capital. Amidst playing the Austin club and bar scene and undertaking several indy tours, Jacinta continued to write and record, releasing her first full length album Smokescreen, in 2005.  Her new repertoire echoed the human condition and her own struggles with the perils of ‘rock and rock’.  But her honest musical narratives were hopeful and mostly upbeat and began to reflect her growing spiritual nature and deep desire to inspire and encourage, especially those who struggled too.   

With the help and direction of long lost Australian friend, Colin Barnes, Chunky Music released singles targeting the Electronic Dance Music Market.  Her growing original catalog had earned her the opportunity to collaborate with top line writers and notable producers. Production team Tony Moran and Warren Rigg were the first remixing producers to rework her first US single, Sunshine, prompting industry taste makers to pay attention.

Sunshine hit the top twenty on the BILLBOARD Hot Club Play Chart in early 2006.  Her second single Destination, released May 2006 was also a Billboard Hot Club Play Hit, climbed to #5 on the DJ Times Chart and featured on 5 compilation albums. Jacinta’s third release “Can’t Keep It A Secret” debuted as the #1 Breakout Song on the Billboard Dance Chart and peaked at #7 on 07/07/07.  “Can’t Keep It A Secret” peaked #2 on the DJ Times and FMQB charts. This instant hit was embraced by the GLBT community and became a 2007 Pride anthem.  It received high rotation on US Dance Radio and found Jacinta new audiences in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  Her fourth release in 2008 saw Electric Universe hit Break Out on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Chart before climbing into the charts top 20.

Being nominated for Best Break-Through Artist - Solo at the International Dance Music Awards in 2008, along with her national touring schedule, was testament to the impact Jacinta was making in the dance music market and particularly with GLBT audiences.  Jacinta headlined and continues to perform at GLBT fundraisers, public awareness events and Pride Events in almost every major city in the USA.  When available, Jacinta rides the Hill Country Ride for AIDS raising thousands of dollars for Texas communities, four years and counting.

2009 was a year of new songwriting collaborators; co-productions with new duo “Wild Jaam” featuring Jacinta and Amber Dirks (of Sister Sledge fame) with their release Day In Time, a collaboration with Cybersutra featuring Jacinta called I See Fire which was immediately endorsed by Judge Jules of BBC Radio1 and debuted as the #1 Breakout Song on the Billboard Dance Chart in January 2009.

The summer of 2009 reunited Jacinta and long time friend, Producer/Director Don Fox, together for co-creation of DREAM! a full stage production with dazzling visuals, 15 piece orchestra, backing singers and dancers.  Dream featured Jacinta’s vocals, piano, guitar, synth playing and programming and her songs, conveying an inspirational story encouraging us all to live our dreams.  Towards the end of 2009, Jacinta reentered the European dance scene with Share The Tears by Aura and Lost In A Dream by Javah both featuring Jacinta’s vocals.  

2009 also marked the first full length album release of Jacinta's Dark Hours collection, Lumina - songs of light from the dark hours.  Without the beats, Lumina takes the listener into an intimate, creative space, where Jacinta's music begins, piano and voice.   

2010 was filled with touring, more single releases and songwriting with new collaborators.  Releases included Always Beside Me, a collaboration with legendary Miami dance producer Avy Gonzalez on Miami label Destune records, a dance rework of Olivia Newton John’s famed Magic and Somewhere Over The Rainbow on Capp Records compilations.  Lost In A Dream was included in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Electric Universe and Can’t Keep It A Secret on the popular iDance2 and reRave game and apps.

Later that year, Jacinta won the USA Songwriting Competition (Dance/Electronica category) with Can't Keep it A Secret.  Electric Universe was a finalist and received an Honorable Mention in the International Songwriting Competition (Dance/Electronica category).  She also won the heart of her soon to be fiancé and a year later moved to Houston to join him.

The music business had shifted, making it increasingly difficult to sell music in a financially viable manner.  Jacinta was more and more intrigued with mysticism, and her original intention to heal with music, was now more than ever in question.  She commenced studying Metaphysics through the University of Metaphysics which required a great deal of meditation, contemplation and study.  

Jacinta continued to collaborate releasing reworks of Xanadu, and Pure Imagination, all placing top 10 iTunes dance charts positions through Capp Records.  Original collaborations included Warm Like Summer, with Vincent Licata, On Our Way, with Upward Motion, Better Way with Mr Groove and the new release of her 2007 hit Can't Keep It A Secret with Ronald Fiolet, Aura and Rene Ablaze creating Secret 2K13.  Secret 2K13 was Song Of  The Day on taste maker site Notable Dance following on from her live performance at Winter Music Conference, Miami.  

On the brink of the auspicious date, Dec 21, 2012, Tactal Hots, UK released Jacinta's collaboration with UK producer Daz Bailey Calm Before The Storm and  You're My Destination was re released with new European mixes reaching #6 on the Eurotrance UK Chart and garnering the attention of Markus Shultz and Armin Van Buuren.

2013 marked a year of intense personal reflection and study whilst Jacinta finished two albums worth of material.  In 2014, shortly after marrying her fiancé, Jacinta completed her Ministerial Bachelors Metaphysical degree and short courses in energy medicine. Jacinta took her ministerial vows with the International Metaphysics Ministry establishing herself as an ordained Minister, willing and capable of Divine Service. As a student of Jonathan Goldman, she has expanded her music offerings with Sound Healing tools, crystal and tibetan bowls, tuning forks and vocal toning.  
Jacinta's career has given her the opportunity to work with scores of internationally respected artists including Tony Bennett, Cake, Leo Sayer, David Gates (Bread), Glenn Shorrock, Robbie Williams, Cirque Du Soleil, and an ever growing group of wonderful music creators from across the globe.

Jacinta’s forthcoming release Peace Be With You, was co-written with long time friend and artistic colleague, Bill Friar.  Lyrically, the song exemplifies "love always wins” and musically, it sounds like a long awaited celebration.  Jacinta will launch Peace at Tucson Pride, October 17, 2015 and in addition, Reverend Jacinta, will legally officiate a wonderful Mass Marriage celebration.

With offerings of peace, love and healing, riding on musical waves, Jacinta is just getting started!

“ Finally I feel I have something truly worthwhile to offer and I’m grateful for that!”  Jacinta

Texas Shout Magazine claimed “She could very well be Australia's finest export to date……..” (DJ Chris Allen – Shout Magazine)


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