Vocal Toning Meditation - Toning the Monkey Mind

Happy Chinese New Year!  

This year of the Fire Monkey offers a unique period for innovative growth and expansion. The monkey is super smart, ambitious, curious, and loves to be active. When we focus the Fire Monkey’s enthusiasm and energy, this becomes the perfect year to initiate our ambitious plans. Monkey’s are ingenious problem solvers, so focus the Fire Monkey’s clever mind upon ‘unsolvable’ problems this year for innovative solutions. It has been said that everybody’s life will somehow be altered because of the Monkey’s know-how in 2016. On the flip side, they can be mischievous and the monkey mind’s chatter can be a lifelong distraction if not attended to. In this months vocal toning meditation, we’ll practice focusing our monkey mind, directing it’s ingenuity and energy for our higher good.

In keeping with ‘doing it differently’ in the year of the Fire Monkey, this months Vocal Toning Meditation is just that. It will be taking place in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia and broadcasting live to Bayou Bliss Yoga in Houston Texas and globally via zoom.us. Times are as follows … 

Byron Bay time: Wednesday February 17th, 12:30pm 
Houston time: Tuesday February 16th, 7:30pm 
Contact me for conference link code.


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