Meditation for Peace on the Planet - Saturday May 14th, 2016

Consider this … 
Within the expanse of our unconscious minds, there is a dimension we all share.  This is where I share in your joy and pain, and you share in mine.  Although we might not be consciously aware of the pain that prevails in the hearts of many, it exists and affects us all. With this understanding, we need not be powerless bystanders amidst the devastating paradigms existing on our planet.  When we share an intention in meditation, it’s vibrant energy resonates for everyone, everywhere.  This empowers us to empower all of us.  Tomorrow we will share a beautiful meditation with the intention to resonate peace in the souls of mankind.   

Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung is a sacred healing mantra invoking healing energy.  We can direct this healing energy for friends, family, everyone and ourselves.   
We will sing this mantra for Peace on the Planet. 

Peace can exist for everyone when it is practiced and nurtured.  Please join us as we empower healing and peace for everyone. 

Meditation for Peace on the Planet will take place tomorrow, Saturday May 14th from 9:30 to 10:30am. 

Our venue will be the glorious outdoors on the lawn of Menil Park.  We will be gathering from 9:15am on the Mulberry St side between Branard and Sul Ross Streets. 
Please bring a blanket, yoga mat or meditation pillow for your comfort during this practice. 

Peace, Love & Light, 
Jacinta :)

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