Vocal Toning the Perfect Fifth for restoring health, balance and tranquility.

Vocal Toning the Perfect Fifth takes place Tuesday May 17th, 2016 at Bayou Bliss Yoga, 7:30pm. 

Pioneers of the sound healing movement have reawakened the wisdom of ‘music intervals’ and their effect on the human body and consciousness.  Specific music intervals are beneficial for the mind, body, spirit and soul.  The perfect fifth is one such interval and is considered a sacred interval with it’s profound healing and relaxation benefits.  An interval is the relationship between two tones/vibrations.  In the case of the perfect fifth, the two tones vibrate at a rate of 2:3 with each other.  If you sing the Do Re Mi song, you will find this interval between the tones Do and So, Re and La, and Mi and Ti.  Another example can easily be found in the children’s rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The two distinct notes sounded when the first two words, Twinkle Twinkle are sung, are a perfect fifth apart.  Even without being musical, you might recognize that this interval is very popular in all styles of music whether the two notes are sung in a melody or played simultaneously. 

The perfect fifth interval prevails in sacred music and since it’s discovery by Pythagorus, it is recognized as the most harmonious interval found in the architecture of human, animal, plant and cosmic bodies. The ancients were mindful of this when designing sacred spaces too, and many feel their consciousness elevated when visiting ancient sacred sites that were designed to adhere to the proportions of the perfect fifth and intervals aligning with sacred geometry.  If this is of interest to you, you might enjoy learning about the Golden Ratio, Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence.  

Sacred Geometry Mixed Media Art By Maria Lankina

However the great minds and mystics discovered the healing effects of the perfect fifth, today researchers are affirming their findings.  One example is the effect of Nitric Oxide production being increased when this harmonic interval is introduced to the body, creating a cascade of beneficial physiological effects.  This brilliant discovery in 2002, was made by Dr John Beaulieu and Dr George Stefano.  A decade earlier in 2002, nitric oxide was awarded the Molecule of the Year, due to it’s importance in neuroscience, immunology and physiology.  In 1998, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine when they discovered the workings of nitric oxide, protecting the heart, and positively stimulating the immune, digestive and nervous systems. The benefits are many and founded and go on to include promoting positive energy and stamina, decreasing depression and anxiety, optimizing circulation and even assisting in the elimination of cancer. 

At this months Vocal Toning Meditation, we will explore the perfect fifth and how it feels resonating in our physical and energetic bodies.  From a meditative state, we will vocal tone the frequencies 256hz and 384hz one after the other, briefly sweeping between the two, back and forth rhythmically, whilst being bathed in their sonic chordal resonance.  From my own experience, this is a deep healing meditative treatment inducing deep relaxation and feelings of wholeness and comfort beyond our thinking minds.  Our body’s response to our own unique voice is truly powerful.  Chaotic vibrations that have become stuck in our bodies are gently entrained to a state of harmony.  The impact of this vocal toning meditation will carry on beyond this practice, but I encourage everyone to practice this for lasting benefits.  This is a perfect technique if you are seeking to awaken your own healthful resonance and it will elevate your overall level of consciousness when practiced over time.  

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