Vocal Toning the Perfect Fifth for restoring health, balance and tranquility.

Vocal Toning the Perfect Fifth takes place Tuesday May 17th, 2016 at Bayou Bliss Yoga, 7:30pm. 

Pioneers of the sound healing movement have reawakened the wisdom of ‘music intervals’ and their effect on the human body and consciousness.  Specific music intervals are beneficial for the mind, body, spirit and soul.  The perfect fifth is one such interval and is considered a sacred interval with it’s profound healing and relaxation benefits.  An interval is the relationship between two tones/vibrations.  In the case of the perfect fifth, the two tones vibrate at a rate of 2:3 with each other.  If you sing the Do Re Mi song, you will find this interval between the tones Do and So, Re and La, and Mi and Ti.  Another example can easily be found in the children’s rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The two distinct notes sounded when the first two words, Twinkle Twinkle are sung, are a perfect fifth apart.  Even without being musical, you might recognize that this interval is very popular in all styles of music whether the two notes are sung in a melody or played simultaneously. 

The perfect fifth interval prevails in sacred music and since it’s discovery by Pythagorus, it is recognized as the most harmonious interval found in the architecture of human, animal, plant and cosmic bodies. The ancients were mindful of this when designing sacred spaces too, and many feel their consciousness elevated when visiting ancient sacred sites that were designed to adhere to the proportions of the perfect fifth and intervals aligning with sacred geometry.  If this is of interest to you, you might enjoy learning about the Golden Ratio, Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence.  

Sacred Geometry Mixed Media Art By Maria Lankina

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Meditation for Peace on the Planet - Saturday May 14th, 2016

Consider this … 
Within the expanse of our unconscious minds, there is a dimension we all share.  This is where I share in your joy and pain, and you share in mine.  Although we might not be consciously aware of the pain that prevails in the hearts of many, it exists and affects us all. With this understanding, we need not be powerless bystanders amidst the devastating paradigms existing on our planet.  When we share an intention in meditation, it’s vibrant energy resonates for everyone, everywhere.  This empowers us to empower all of us.  Tomorrow we will share a beautiful meditation with the intention to resonate peace in the souls of mankind.   

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Finding Balance at the Equinox, Toning the Bija Mantras

We are approaching the equinox when planet Earth experiences equal day and night everywhere!  It occurs this weekend as the sun directly aligns with the Celestial equator. From this point of balance, spring begins in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere.  

The equinox is an ideal time to restore balance within ourselves and our lives and this is the focus of this months vocal toning meditation.

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Vocal Toning Meditation - Toning the Monkey Mind

Happy Chinese New Year!  

This year of the Fire Monkey offers a unique period for innovative growth and expansion. The monkey is super smart, ambitious, curious, and loves to be active. When we focus the Fire Monkey’s enthusiasm and energy, this becomes the perfect year to initiate our ambitious plans. Monkey’s are ingenious problem solvers, so focus the Fire Monkey’s clever mind upon ‘unsolvable’ problems this year for innovative solutions. It has been said that everybody’s life will somehow be altered because of the Monkey’s know-how in 2016. On the flip side, they can be mischievous and the monkey mind’s chatter can be a lifelong distraction if not attended to. In this months vocal toning meditation, we’ll practice focusing our monkey mind, directing it’s ingenuity and energy for our higher good.

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Vocal Toning Meditation - Empowering Our Dreams In 2016


Our first vocal toning meditation for the year presents the perfect time to affirm and align ourselves with our 2016 dreams and plans. Resolutions can be helpful devising and initiating a new intention, but many don’t last once the initial enthusiasm subsides. If our intentions are based upon knowledge alone, it’s unlikely we will find the energy needed to maintain our resolutions. The key ingredient necessary to sustain our resolve and keep our enthusiasm alive is our heart.  

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Vocal Toning Meditation - Cultivating Inner Peace

Cultivating Inner Peace for Global Peace will be our intention at this months vocal toning meditation taking place Tuesday Dec 15 at 7:30pm.  

Peace On Earth, a hopeful sentiment we share especially during the holiday season. It can be difficult…

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Vocal Toning Meditation - Tuning into Gratitude

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life”. Rumi 

Tuning into Gratitude 
Vocal Toning Treatment :: Tuesday Nov 17th 2015 7:30pm 

This month, I'll be guiding a vocal toning treatment that will tune our energetic antennas into the extraordinary fields of Gratitude. Adopting a gracious and heartfelt attitude of thankfulness promises to reap startling positive life changes. There are countless adages, old and new telling us so.  

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Vocal Toning Meditation - Reflecting on the Shadow

7:30pm Tuesday 20th Oct. at Bayou Bliss Yoga, Houston, I'll be guiding a potent vocal toning meditation, Reflecting On The Shadow Self.

In this month of October, Halloween preparations are looming about us. The ghouls and mischief are in our midst. It presents an ideal time to reflect on our shadow selves. Jung says our shadow includes all of us outside of the light of consciousness, the positive and not so positive aspects. This toning treatment involves the latter, the parts of us we repress, deny and hide from ourselves and others. 
We all have our dark shadows that manifest in feelings like fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, anxiety, loneliness, disappointment, and depression. It can take a lot of energy repressing and hiding these human emotions, but sometimes certain people or situations or simply being alone, bring them to the surface. It’s palpable when these feelings rise up from inside us. We feel awful and sometimes act out poorly. Since we recognize these patterns to be negative, bad, weak or unbecoming, we don’t address them and deprive ourselves of healing a part of ourselves. Instead, we do what we can to avoid these emotions or the people or circumstances that trigger them. As for the emotions they reveal, we reject and despise ourselves for feeling them. 

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Vocal Toning Meditation - Toning For Atonement

Join us at Bayou Bliss Yoga, Houston TX for a vocal toning meditation I will be guiding.  In our quest for inner peace and healing, forgiveness is an extraordinary rejuvenating act of love. Forgiveness of the self and others is deemed to be a difficult process. We often avoid addressing it, and tend to harbor it’s patterns deep inside ourselves, suffering as a result. 

As everything is in a state of vibration, so too are these negative disruptive patterns. When not resolved, they manifest feelings of guilt, anger, hurt and vengeance. They deplete our energy, affect those around us, and keep us from our ultimate happiness and potential. 

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