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Mantra Meditation for the Leo New Moon!

On Tuesday evening, July 18, we will prepare for the Leo new moon with an empowering meditation using sound and voice!

The main mantra during our meditation is the Magnificent Mantra for Prosperity.   


     Har Har

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Are you ready to embrace Spring and all her vitality?

SPRING MANTRA MEDITATION - I AM I AM Guided Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls. 

March 21 2017 // 7:30pm // Bayou Bliss Yoga // 808 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006 
It’s empowering when we can create and regenerate along with the season of renewal, so let’s begin by greeting spring with the empowering I AM Mantra Meditation. 
Next Tuesday, the sun moves into the constellation of Aries, the sign associated with asserting one's self and birthing spring!   Aries encourages us to emerge from our winter repose, primed for renewal and bursting with confidence to blossom into our most authentic selves. This raw energy is characterized by the Aries mantra, I AM!   

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If you're a peacemaker read on ...

Since I am hosting the monthly Meditation for Peace on the Planet in Houston TX tomorrow (8 Oct 2016), I wanted to share some information about the amazing power of Group Meditation.

There is so much evidence supporting the tremendous and positive impact group meditation has.  Data consistently demonstrates that meditation can literally stop war with more than 100 research papers drawing the same conclusions from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale an MIT.  When groups of meditators are created to ease war torn areas, their impact on reducing war deaths has averaged at least 70% 
This incredible evidence can be explained with the ripple effect, the Maharishi effect and n ² effect

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