Vocal Toning Meditation - Empowering Our Dreams In 2016


Our first vocal toning meditation for the year presents the perfect time to affirm and align ourselves with our 2016 dreams and plans. Resolutions can be helpful devising and initiating a new intention, but many don’t last once the initial enthusiasm subsides. If our intentions are based upon knowledge alone, it’s unlikely we will find the energy needed to maintain our resolutions. The key ingredient necessary to sustain our resolve and keep our enthusiasm alive is our heart.  

When our intention is truly heart inspired we align with the unfathomable power that flows through our hearts. Our hearts receive and transmit this powerful energy every moment of our lives and it is available to us to the degree that we live in alignment with our true divine essence. Furthermore, the informational energy our heart radiates, seeks and creates life circumstances that support the nature of our heart’s energy transmissions. This is why it’s so important to take down our protective heart shields and let our true divine heart shine through us and into the cosmos. When we understand this and allow our hearts to be our compass, our lives become simpler, details take care of themselves, we can let go of our worries and restore our trust in life as it literally unfolds before us even better than we imagined. 

Our heart has our best interests at it’s core. It communicates with us through the language of feelings. Our feelings tell us when we are resonating with our true divine nature and when we are not. We can focus on these feelings viscerally within our heart space and consciously empower and direct this passionate energy. Like everything in the universe, these feelings are energy and vibration so we can connect, resonate and empower them with our voices.  

At tonights vocal toning meditation, you will be guided to enter your heart space and identify the heart felt intention you wish to bring with you throughout 2016. We will tune into the feelings and their resonance that align with this intention. Our vocal tones will carry this energy to each energetic memory bank, anchoring it into each chakra. We will purposefully program our intention into each aspect of our lives ensuring that our efforts and our decisions align with our 2016 dreams and not just our short term desires. When the true essence of our heart is at the center of a commitment, we know that it supports our highest good. Whether you want to create, transform or heal, if your heart is in it, it can be! 

Join us at Bayou Bliss Yoga at 7:30pm January 19th 2016.  808 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006

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