Vocal Toning Meditation - Tuning into Gratitude

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life”. Rumi 

Tuning into Gratitude 
Vocal Toning Treatment :: Tuesday Nov 17th 2015 7:30pm 

This month, I'll be guiding a vocal toning treatment that will tune our energetic antennas into the extraordinary fields of Gratitude. Adopting a gracious and heartfelt attitude of thankfulness promises to reap startling positive life changes. There are countless adages, old and new telling us so.  

The ‘law of attraction’ describes the uncanny manner in which life graciously returns to us circumstances that match the emotional tone of our hearts and the beliefs and thoughts of our minds. So if we are sending out a vibrational pattern of frustration, the cosmic laws of nature will generously return situations generating the same frustrated flavor. But what if we are sending out vibrations of gratitude? Willie Nelson said that his whole life turned around when he started counting his blessings! In sending out (and singing out) heart felt vibes of feeling blessed, he attracted circumstances and situations that created more of the same. One could say Willie’s life has indeed been blessed! 

Our voices are powerful generators of emotive vibration. In vocal toning treatments, our vocal sound waves serve to carry an intention we set. The intention flows as a vibration throughout our beings, and into the cosmic currents of possibilities. It becomes alive in the electromagnetic fields of our existence, impacting our lives in astounding ways.  

In this Toning Treatment, we will tone with an intention of weaving gratitude into the fabric of our energetic field. In toning gratitude from our hearts and minds, we’ll create a universal memo for attracting all manner of manifestations that bring authentic feelings of THANKS! This powerful session is the perfect way to establish a practice of living in gratitude.  
If you’d like to have even more to be grateful for, join us at 7:30pm, Tuesday November 17th at Bayou Bliss Yoga.

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