Vocal Toning Meditation - Toning For Atonement

Join us at Bayou Bliss Yoga, Houston TX for a vocal toning meditation I will be guiding.  In our quest for inner peace and healing, forgiveness is an extraordinary rejuvenating act of love. Forgiveness of the self and others is deemed to be a difficult process. We often avoid addressing it, and tend to harbor it’s patterns deep inside ourselves, suffering as a result. 

As everything is in a state of vibration, so too are these negative disruptive patterns. When not resolved, they manifest feelings of guilt, anger, hurt and vengeance. They deplete our energy, affect those around us, and keep us from our ultimate happiness and potential. 

Toning, with the intention to forgive a particular transgression, directs our sacred sounds to the very part of our being where these patterns reside. It is the Divine Nature of these potent self created sounds to transmute these distortions, releasing us from the lower vibrations they have been outpouring. In their place, peace and relief gifts our minds with fresh, positive, loving feelings anew. Forgiveness restores our vitality as it releases and renews our mind, bringing it back into alignment with our heart and soul. When our mind, heart and soul are in agreement, and free from the anguish of past tribulations, we naturally bring our focus into the now and can fully live in the present. We can bring forth what we wish to manifest, as our mindful attention is released from nurturing old wounds on both a conscious and subconscious level. We can joyfully attend to fulfilling our soul’s purpose. 

Toning with intention is a powerfully transformative process. We awaken the Divine Self within us to ride on the waves of our vocalized sounds. Our Divine Self flows to empower our intention, in this session, forgiveness. The sacred sounds you will be guided to create, will perfectly and uniquely resonate with your physical body and etheric energy for transformation. This is because your unique tone fits your unique being. Please note that toning is not singing and all voices are lovingly welcome. 

Taking place 7:30pm Tuesday Sept 22, 2015 at Bayou Bliss Yoga, 808 W Main St, Central Houston, TX 77006.  Toning for Atonement will beautifully concur with Yom Kippur, the Judaic Day of Atonement. Our toning group will be one in the spirit of renewal with many around the planet, further empowering this sound healing treatment. 

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