Vocal Toning Meditation - Reflecting on the Shadow

7:30pm Tuesday 20th Oct. at Bayou Bliss Yoga, Houston, I'll be guiding a potent vocal toning meditation, Reflecting On The Shadow Self.

In this month of October, Halloween preparations are looming about us. The ghouls and mischief are in our midst. It presents an ideal time to reflect on our shadow selves. Jung says our shadow includes all of us outside of the light of consciousness, the positive and not so positive aspects. This toning treatment involves the latter, the parts of us we repress, deny and hide from ourselves and others. 
We all have our dark shadows that manifest in feelings like fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, anxiety, loneliness, disappointment, and depression. It can take a lot of energy repressing and hiding these human emotions, but sometimes certain people or situations or simply being alone, bring them to the surface. It’s palpable when these feelings rise up from inside us. We feel awful and sometimes act out poorly. Since we recognize these patterns to be negative, bad, weak or unbecoming, we don’t address them and deprive ourselves of healing a part of ourselves. Instead, we do what we can to avoid these emotions or the people or circumstances that trigger them. As for the emotions they reveal, we reject and despise ourselves for feeling them. 

Often we aren’t aware of what rouses our ‘shadowy’ patterns, since they resonate in our subconscious. We’ve learned to disguise them so well, that we disconnect from them consciously. They become buried deep in our unconscious mind, emanating darker, denser, dissonant vibrations, impacting our lives in a negative manner, further perpetuating the shadow self. It’s understandable that they can become the root or fundamental frequency of exhaustion, bitterness, addictions, illness, pain and unhappiness. 

Our shadows are there to be revealed and to be integrated in becoming our whole authentic selves. It is only human to experience the full spectrum of emotions, however they need not be chronically toxic in our lives. By reflecting our compassionate and loving nature on an aspect of our darker nature, we bring our shadow into light. We begin transmuting their pain and potency into understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance. 

Like everything in the Universe, human emotions have their vibration and thus vibrate with and entrain to vocal toning. During an intentional toning treatment, our vocal vibrations carry the intention of our mind and hearts directly to the emotional pattern in need of integration. In a meditative state, this is a tremendously powerful medicine for the whole being. 

If you would like to experience Reflecting On The Shadow Toning Treatment, please join us at Bayou Bliss, 808 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006 Tuesday October 20 at 7:30pm.

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